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Unleash the Pioneer

Flare is a strategy agency that helps companies, brands and organizations to make a positive impact. Our approach to impact and growth is: Be a pioneer, which leads to valuable growth for all.

Why Pioneering
Pioneering is about disrupting established borders for the better. Question the unchallenged. Keeping an open mind for a new future.
Pioneering is about thinking differently. Challenging boundaries, ways of thinking and ways of doing. Not merely growing a business but aiming to change an entire industry or system to improve the lives of everybody.
Pioneering requires a vision and mission that everyone connects to with their minds, hearts and guts. Which stands up to your business rigor, the needs of future customers and the scrutiny of the transparent world around us.
Pioneering means doing. Acting and implementing with speed and faith, moving mountains when needed and always finding solutions for the barriers we need to overcome.
By thinking like pioneers we help companies generate valuable growth that benefits all. Together we then create places that people want to work for, customers queue to buy from and owners are proud to have a stake in.

Pioneering Principles

Purpose, end-users and ownership are paramount when it comes to pioneering. These three principles lay the foundation for valuable growth.

The future is Purpose
To attract and retain great talent, find investors that care about long-term growth and establish long-term relationships with your customers, you need to offer more than great pay, a high ROI and desirable products. You need to offer something that evokes passion, pride and a real sense of belonging.
That is why we make sure that what you do is driven by a purpose that can be wrapped in hearts, minds and souls, making growth valuable for all stakeholders.
End-users are our compass
What ever you do, make or offer, it needs to make a difference in the lives of your (future) end-users. We mirror your organization, uncover and validate needs, co- create and develop with your end-users and/or clients. They are our judges, guides and inspiration for direction, creation and implementation.
Ownership makes it happen
We work closely together with all stakeholders that play a role in paving the way forward. Everyone needs to own the future with their heads, hearts and guts. This requires deeply connecting, training, facilitating, guiding and working shoulder to shoulder as a team from the start. It also takes time, patience, trust and sometimes means that we need to pause the project until everyone is on board again.

Pioneering in 5 steps

Client Cases

In order to pioneer and achieve valuable growth together, it is essential that we start with trusting each other. This takes time and shared experiences.

Help us rejuvenate our brand and create a range of commercially successful product innovations.
“It’s been a challenging journey but I believe this bold move by Hero is the catalyst for renewed growth. It looks that we are going to meet our targets which is a great starting point for our next centennial.”

Yorick Van Baarsel,
Marketing Manager, Hero

Help us find the right way to expand into continental Europe.
“Flare’s strength definitely lies in your relentless consumer focus, but you cleverly mix it with business pragmatism (without selling yourself out!). And for me personally, you were definitely more than just another consultancy. Your support stretched well beyond the official scope, and I felt we were able to have robust discussions challenging our strategy and thinking through the stakeholder management back home. You also have a strong, dedicated and passionate team who I enjoyed working with very much.”

Johnny Moore,
Director of Strategy – NOW TV – Sky

Help us reshape the digital security industry so we can quadruple our business in this area.
“Flare has unearthed the pain in a boardroom concerning Cyber Security. They were able to translate this into clear and comprehendible language. They helped us uncover the power strength of our brand and the strength our people, to then link this to these boardroom insights.
They truly differentiate themselves by understanding our content and context and were able to facilitate us from this depth.
In the end they helped develop a new scalable business model and strategy.
Based on our client needs and our ‘Why’ we realized true team ownership and a successful implementation.”

Roel van Rijswijk,
Partner Deloitte Risk Services – Cyber Security

Help find the strongest proposition four quadplay proposition.
“The whole industry sees the convergence of all media onto all devices. The trick is making it understandable and workable for your customers. Flare helped us get the right insights to develop a leading product.”

Patrick Neuerburg,
Director KPN User Experience Centre

Help us revolutionize our customer experience in China.
“Flare helped us to redefine some of the industry standards. We asked them to do this because they came across as fresh, clever and challenging thinkers- and they are. Above all, we found that they were able to help us think more clearly ourselves. Very quickly they went deep into our business and into the thinking of our people and our clients.

We wasted little time explaining the intricacies of our business to them – spending all our time challenging ourselves on what new things we could bring to our company, and beyond that, to the industry as a whole. That is big. Exciting and impactful, I strongly recommend these guys to anyone wanting to do bold things with their business.”

Iman Stratenus,
Managing Director, TNT China

To form a business that helps teachers teach more effectively.
“Flare’s introduction to consumer insights has changed my way of working indefinitely. Their expertise on the subject of searching for consumer insights and translating those into solutions did not only change the direction of our company in a big way but it has more importantly taught me that there is a process that you can follow to create great new consumer companies.”

Rutger Peters,
Founder of Gynzy

Help us reconnect to the power of our brand to craft our global strategy.
“In our case, our success was accompanied by enormous growth, which made us loose track of why we were doing the things we do. Flare helped us rediscover our core strength again.”

Fatih Kahyaoglu,
Managing Director, Sensation

Who we are

We are business strategists from a range of different fields and international backgrounds. What ties us together is our passion to help companies realize valuable growth.

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